Does Google Want To Kill Microsoft Office?

It looks like the big G with their Google Docs online applications featuring presentations, a spreadsheet and a Microsoft Word like word processor may be trying to kill of the once and still mighty Microsoft Office. With the recent release of web fonts for Google Docs you can choose from over 450 fonts to give a little something extra to your documents.

Whether you are just writing to your friends, have to turn in a report or want something more involved like wedding or shower invitations, you can now choose from tons of fonts for your documents.

They are simple to use. All you have to do to access them is go to the Font pull down menu and go all the way to the bottom where it says F+ Add Fonts… and choose the ones you want which will be added to your current fonts menu. To help you quickly find the fonts you want, you can sort the available choices by popularity, alphabetically, the date they were added and trending.

While it will be good to have something extra to add to your work the next time you type up something, it may be a little bit of overkill to add 450 or more fonts to have to search through.

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The New Microsoft Office

The new Microsoft Office may be called Office 2012 buy nobody really knows yet. Maybe, just like Apple decided to call the iPad 3, the New iPad, Microsoft will call the newest suite of Office products, the New Microsoft Office.

When it will actually be released is also just about anyone’s guess. There is Microsoft Office 365, but it is cloud based and not downloadable to your computer. Whatever the new Office suite is called and when you are able to upgrade, is not clear, but there is news about Office as the articles below suggest:

Tip of the Week: Getting Comfortable with New Microsoft Office

Upgrading to a new version of Microsoft Office — and then figuring out where all your favorite commands, menus and tools are in the new version — is something many users face every few years. To help ease Office workers

And a leaked video of some of the features of the new Office is below:

Leaked video: New Microsoft Office Suite reveals cloud features

The next version of the mega-successful Microsoft Office Suite will contain cloud-like features that will allow you to access and edit documents remotely, according to a leaked video of the unreleased software suite.

Along with some information about Microsoft Office 365:

Office 365 News: What’s new in Microsoft’s Office 365?

Microsoft Office 365 news: Win a 25 seat, 12 mth license, Connect your iPhone to Microsoft Office 365, Make document review faster and easier, Holding Online Meetings with Office 365 and more…

Finally we have some information for those that can’t get away from their mobile phones, we found an article on new Symbian Office Mobile Apps:

Symbian Gets Productivity Power-Up With New Microsoft Office

The most notable fruit of Microsoft and Nokia’s close working relationship is certainly the handsome line of Lumia Windows Phones, but the deal has had its share of fringe…

One day we will get the office word from Microsoft on the New Office suite of productivity tools, but in the mean time we will just have to keep up with the latest news.

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Microsoft Office 2010 Price

The Microsoft Office 2010 price varies over a fairly wide range depending on what options you want and how many computers you are going to use the software on. And of course there is the Office student discount that lots of people are interested in because it is usually at  greatly reduced price, but it is fairly hard to obtain without a valid student ID. Years ago you could kind of fake it and get the lower student price, but that is becoming increasingly harder to do lately.

The retail price for Microsoft Office 2010 ranges from $119 all the way up to $499 depending on several options and whether or not you want to use it on one or two computers. There is also volume pricing available for larger companies where several users will be accessing the product but that is available to businesses only and won’t be covered in this post.

The pricing options are as follows (remember, this is the retail price):

  • Office Home and Student Edition: $119 for 1 computer, $149 for 2 computer installation
  • Office Home and Business: $199 for 1 computer, $279 for 2 computers (Most popular)
  • Office Professional: $349 for 1 computer, $499 for 2 computers

The most common configuration available and sold today is the Microsoft Office 2010 for 2 computers. This means you can install it on up to 2 computers as most people have a desktop and a laptop. This installation must be under the same user however. In other words, you can install it on your computer under Dad as the user and then install it on your kid’s computer under the name Sally or whatever. That won’t work.

Okay, now for the good news. While the most popular configuration of the Microsoft Office 2010 price retails for $279, and that is the price you pay if you order it directly from Microsoft, you won’t pay anywhere near that amount if you order it at through this link. You will only pay $209.99. That is $70 off of the retail price so don’t waste that much, order directly from Amazon and get some books, go out for a nice dinner or get whatever you wish with the money you save.

Get your copy of Microsoft Office 2010 and save a bundle today.

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