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Did you know you can get a free Microsoft Office download? Well, it actually isn’t free for life, but it is free for 60 day and a little longer if you know a special little trick. Any place you read, by the way, that you can get Microsoft Office 2010 for completely free, it is a pirated version and not the real thing. Don’t fall for the completely free trick because your download may even contain viruses used by hackers to gain control of your computer.

Make sure that when you do download Microsoft Office that you in fact get it from the website, that way there is never and question as to whether your version of Office is a legitimate copy.

Now on to the little secret that will let you get more than the standard trail period from Office 2010. When you download a free copy of Microsoft Office, you get to check it out for 60 day, that is unless you have the Office 2010 trial extender. With this handy little utility you can extend the life of your free 60 day Office trial to 180 days, nearly half a year!

All you have to do is download the trial extender and then you must wait 30 days before your use it and it can be used to rearm the original trial for another 30 day period. The website above that I’m linking to states that you can extend the trial to 180 days by waiting 30 days after you install the original trial and then activating the extender for 5 more 30 day periods equaling a total of 180 days. But that doesn’t seem totally correct to me. I would think if you rearm the software at the end of the original 60 trial and then rearm it 5 more times that would give you 210 days to use Microsoft Office 2010. As a side note, the extender only works with the RTM version of Microsoft Office (RTM: 14.0.4760.1000). So, make sure you have the right trial version before expecting it to work.

Make sure you check it out with the website above to get the full details and get your free Microsoft Office trial and get used to all the great features this software has to offer.

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  1. Michelle Bodle says:

    I can’t seem to get my Office to open, I just recently gave my laptop to my teenage son to use for school/homework & discovered that my Office Word would not work with the Product Key that was provided when we purchased it from Best Buy. Any assistance would be helpful

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