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If you are a computer user today, chances are that you have used some component of Microsoft Office. Being that Office is the most widely used software suite of programs on Earth (and has made Bill Gates fabulously wealthy) there is almost no one on in the world, that has a computer, that has not at least received a file from or used a program in Microsoft Office.

The software suite was released in August of 1989 making it some 22.5 years old and still going. While there are a few more programs available in the current 2010 version of Office, when it initially came out it only contained Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft PowerPoint which are still part of the package today. Probably on of the reasons it is so widely used today is that it is available in more than 35 languages worldwide which probably covers 90% of the world’s population.

Office is available on both Windows and Mac operating systems however, there are a few less components available on the Mac versions. The current individual products available in both operating systems include Office, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint. Other components of the software suite include, Microsoft Access, InfoPath, OneNote, Publisher, Visio and a few more minor programs that are only available on the Windows operating system.

Depending on what combination of products you get within Office and whether you are a student or an office worker who wants to use it on more than one computer, it will cost you anywhere from $119 to $499. Of course you can always get the Microsoft Office 2010 trial and use it for 60 days for free to see if you like it. And then beyond that you can even use the free trial for 180 days by getting the Office Trial Extender and rearm it 5 more times for another 30 days each time.

Office is being used by more than 750 million people worldwide and currently sells at the rate of one copy per second. Now that’s an insane amount of revenue for just one product. Anyway, if you want to at least try out the best selling software package in the world, get a trial download of the Microsoft Office software suite.

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